Aids hiv essays

Los Angeles Times : A man and his machine in Africa — and his quest to bring health care to his people
“…The story of [Seme] Khemis and his [ultrasound] machine is that of one man’s struggle to make a small difference in a country ravaged by war and neglect. Khemis, who is 31 and has a thin face, gentle eyes, and a manner that veers between breathless enthusiasm and stoic compassion, is not a doctor. But he is intimately acquainted with South Sudan’s impoverished health system. Bringing health care to one tiny community was the thing that he felt he could do that would help most…” (Dixon, 10/5).

NACOSA's City of Cape Town Community-Based Response Capacity Building Programme provides short-term cluster mentoring services, training and support to MSAT leaders and coordinators. This includes capacity building training workshops to organisations funded by the City health funding programme - as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs) not funded by the programme to increase organisational capacity in financial management and reporting, organisational governance, monitoring and evaluation as well as basic HIV awareness and education.

Aids hiv essays

aids hiv essays


aids hiv essaysaids hiv essaysaids hiv essaysaids hiv essays