Causes of ww1 essays

German control on February 25 that same day General Henri Philippe Petain was placed in control of the French forces at Verdun. With reserves from France continually arriving, Petain's men met with escalating confidence the unceasing attacks by densely massed German formations. Harcourt, a nearby city, was forfeited to German troops on March 22, and another nearby city, Malan court a week later. Despite these losses the initial drive from the Germans was a failure. However, attacks from German forces continued with little interruption. The French air force was able to gained control of the skies over the battlefield, by April. This played a significant role in the successful defense of the region. By June a new drive by German forces succeeded in capturing the forts of Thurmont and Vaux. Now, the pressure began to slack up little by little. To scatter the strength of the German military and thus relieve the strain on the French, an attack on the Somme River was made by the British, which necessitated the shift of a ample amount of German troops. French forces planned for a swift and crushing blow north of Verdun, as the fighting became less fierce. On September 24, General Charles Mangin advanced French forces on a 4 mile front, recapturing the defeated cities of Douaumont and Thurmont. With this renewal of the offense of the French, the last prospect of the German troops to turn the Allied line at Verdun collapsed. The attacks by the French persisted throughout October, and Fort Vaux was evacuated. The casualties on both sides were extremely high, the French estimated at nearly 350,000 and the Germans to 330,000. The battle itself appeared totally inconclusive, gaining no strategic advances to either side.

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Causes of ww1 essays

causes of ww1 essays


causes of ww1 essayscauses of ww1 essayscauses of ww1 essayscauses of ww1 essays