Centrum volneho casu gessayova 6

We are governmental institution. The target group- children and youth in age between 6- 26. Our work is oriented on areas of culture, sport, environment, crafts, social science and tourism by making activities for children and their parents. Our activities are organised through clubs, interest groups, informal groups, meetings, bigger social activities as for example “Santa Claus Day “, Parents and children day and activities during the summer holiday /like summer camps, international summer camps and big national activites as a Key of Stara Lubovna castle/ . Altogether there are 30 clubs and interest groups. In avarage we provide 100 different meetings including competition on various themes for one year.

We also cooperate with NGOs in our region to be able to prepare variety of interest activities for children and youth : international exchanges, building our sports ground, helping talented young people with presenting their work in the public. We are also preparing activities for children with social problems and Sant Nicolas day for dissabled children.

Staff : Total number of workers in the host organization: 12
Local volunteers: 40
EVS volunteers: 3

Centrum volneho casu gessayova 6

centrum volneho casu gessayova 6


centrum volneho casu gessayova 6centrum volneho casu gessayova 6centrum volneho casu gessayova 6centrum volneho casu gessayova 6