Climate change is inevitable essay

With the 1989 fall of communism and the environmental movement 's international reach at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit , the attention of . conservative think tanks , which had been organised in the 1970s as an intellectual counter-movement to socialism, turned from the "red scare" to the "green scare" which they saw as a threat to their aims of private property, free trade market economies and global capitalism. As a counter-movement, they used environmental skepticism to promote denial of the reality of problems such as loss of biodiversity and climate change. [77]

2016 was an incredible year for global climate action, with the Paris Agreement entering into full legal force. The Paris Agreement is a positive global climate agreement signed by 195 countries, including some of the world’s largest emitters such as China and the USA. Governments internationally are now committed to limiting their greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep global temperature increase well below 2C, with an aim of below . This commitment is a fantastic stepping stone, but we now need to see individual countries creating ambitious plans in order to achieve this target.

Climate change is inevitable essay

climate change is inevitable essay


climate change is inevitable essayclimate change is inevitable essayclimate change is inevitable essayclimate change is inevitable essay