Drugs in sport essays

Drugs interfere with and replace the brain's normal processes during adolescent development. Some drugs such as marijuana affect the mind by reducing motivation. Too much marijuana can make you lose the "get up and go" feeling you need to train for sports so that you are no longer capable of doing your best. Most athletes who use drugs do not die, but many fail at their sport. An athlete can also fail by dropping out of sports or by being kicked out either for poor performance or as punishment for illegal use of drugs. Sports performance requires the most complicated physical movements. To be successful in those movements, the athlete's brain must be in excellent condition for receiving

A reply to this could be that they are doing the drugs without knowing the consequences. Steroids are marketed just like any other products. When presented, they seem to be the magic pill and the solution to all prospective athletes’ problems. Flaws are rarely publicized and exposed. Therefore it is in our best interest to make sure that athletes are not taking harmful drugs to enhance their performance. They must be first concerned with their well being off the fields or courts. Sports are not everything in life, though some may disagree.

Drugs in sport essays

drugs in sport essays


drugs in sport essaysdrugs in sport essaysdrugs in sport essaysdrugs in sport essays