Egyptian art history essays

Marble was extensively used in court art, although it all had to be imported, and use was made of various marble-saving techniques, such as making even heads up from a number of pieces, and using stucco for beards, the back of heads and hair. [15] In contrast to the art of other Hellenistic kingdoms , Ptolemaic royal portraits are generalized and idealized, with little concern for achieving an individual portrait, though thanks to coins some portrait sculpture can be identified as one of the 15 King Ptolemys. [16] Many later portraits have clearly had the face reworked to show a later king. [17] One Egyptian trait was to give much greater prominence to the queens than other successor dynasties to Alexander, with the royal couple often shown as a pair. This predated the 2nd century, a series of queens did indeed exercise real power. [18]

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In many ways the UNDERWORLD was considered dangerous, but there were also benefits for the deceased. Explain how it was important for king’s to build their funerary tombs as part of the sun god’s cycle.
Explain how KING HATSHEPUTcame into rule during the 18TH DYNASTY.
Which king had the largest funerary complex at THEBES?
*King Thutmose III
*King Hatshepsut
*King Amenhotep
*King Thutmose I
RED QUARTZITE SHRINESwere built into temples to set down the sacred _____________ carrying the cult statue of the deity.
RED GRANITE was used in statues as a symbolic statement about the KING’S CONNECTIONS TO DEITIES AND THE SUN.
KING AMENHOTEP’Sdepictions underwent a physical change after his first sed-festival at the temple of Luxor. What was different about his characteristics, and what did he now wear?
Both PALACES AND TEMPLES were built as microcosms of the world from its very beginning.
In CONTRAST TO THE TEMPLES, there was little decoration relating directly to the deities. Instead, what types of images would you find in a palace?
During the FESTIVAL OF THE WADI, the living crossed to the west bank to visit their tombs of their relatives. During this visit, they would:
Share meals and drink
Hunt and fish
Perform the Opening of the Mouth ceremony
Manufacture jewelry and other precious objects
Often the stone in rock-cut tombs was too poor in quality to create reliefs. Describe the decoration technique used in these situations.
PLEATED GARMENTS, such as those shown on this wooden statue, became fashionable in the late ____________ Dynasty.
This EYE SYMBOLcalled a _________________ is associated with the god Horus and was often depicted on amulets on coffins. The drop and spiral imitate the marking of a falcon, and represents healing and ‘making whole’.
The goddess _________________ is represented as a vulture with outstretched wings, and included in funerary decoration at the temple of KING HATSHEPSUT.
Many time statues would be holding nujars, and the hieroglyph of the nu-jar generally meant what?
To offer
Sacred sun
Why does KING HATSHEPSUTgenerally disappear from sources, even after her reign was considered successful?
Describe what a STELOPHOROUS STATUElooks like.
Due to KING AMENHOTEP’Sincreased emphasis on the solar aspects of deities, large open ____________ courts were now included in many temple complexes.
On stela depictions in the 18th Dynasty, only royal and divine figures could be placed below the sun disk.
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Egyptian art history essays

egyptian art history essays


egyptian art history essaysegyptian art history essaysegyptian art history essaysegyptian art history essays