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Ernest Dichter applied what he dubbed "the strategy of desire" for building a "stable society," by creating for the public a common identity through the products they consumed; again, much like with cultural commodification, where culture has no "identity," "meaning," or "history" inherited from previous generations, but rather, is created by the attitudes which are introduced by consumer behaviors and social patterns of the period. According to Dichter, "To understand a stable citizen, you have to know that modern man quite often tries to work off his frustrations by spending on self-sought gratification. Modern man is internally ready to fulfill his self-image, by purchasing products which compliment it."

asslam o alaikum! sir. i am mazhar. i want to know the ans of some qus. please guide me.
allah pak apki sehat or izat ma brkt ata kre. ameen! sir. many (double math phy) 2nd divion c ki hai from ajk uni. ab smj ni a rai next mcs kron ya msc… from schol to uni mane kbi b computer ni parha. but shok ha mcs ya software eng krne ka and i hope k ma kr sakta hon. please tel me what should i do? mje kon c uni ma adms lena chaie or bsc ma 2nd divion ho to fee ma consection o sakta hai kia…. please guide me mcs is good or software eng? and fee structure b send kr dain please…..
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Engenering essay

engenering essay


engenering essayengenering essayengenering essayengenering essay