Eric raymond hacker essay

“No one thinks this is based on science. It was never meant to be. This is a rhetorical tool intended for a specific social purpose,” wrote Susan Sons,  offering a more detailed explanation of the project’s scope . She’d seen a similar book about the martial arts inspire two beginners. “It gave them their first glimpse of what they were trying to become… these archetypes provided jumping-off points for reflection and discussion that helped them to build mental models of what they were trying to achieve through martial arts training, and in a broader sense in life.”

Perl still has its uses. For tiny projects (100 lines or fewer) that involve a lot of text pattern matching, I am still more likely to tinker up a Perl-regexp-based solution than to reach for Python. For good recent examples of such things, see the timeseries and growthplot scripts in the fetchmail distribution. Actually, these are much like the things Perl did in its original role as a sort of combination awk/sed/grep/sh, before it had functions and direct access to the operating system API. For anything larger or more complex, I have come to prefer the subtle virtues of Python—and I think you will, too.

Eric raymond hacker essay

eric raymond hacker essay


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