Essay on chapter 5 of frankenstein

In this chapter, Mill suggests several protective measures that are used in modern-day society; the foreshadowing of present-day America and the world is definitely notable. He argues that for the sale of items that could possibly be used for criminal endeavors, a registration should take place for the purchaser. Also, he speaks of the advantage of a standardized proficiency test to ensure that all students are learning at similar levels. Mill is definitely ahead of his time in many respects, he also appears to be an advocate for women's rights and legislation, undoubtedly inspired by his recently deceased wife's perspective. Mill's ideas on crime, education, gender issues and government are all based on his ongoing struggle between an individuals' right to liberty and the right of society to restrain those who cannot restrain themselves.

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Essay on chapter 5 of frankenstein

essay on chapter 5 of frankenstein


essay on chapter 5 of frankensteinessay on chapter 5 of frankensteinessay on chapter 5 of frankensteinessay on chapter 5 of frankenstein