Essay school shootings

According to students, schools respond inadequately, if at all, to reported incidents of bullying. When Frank Barone, principal of Amsterdam High School in Amsterdam, New York, asked hundreds of eighth graders if they had ever been bullied, more than half ( percent) responded in the affirmative. Yet when he asked their teachers how many students had been bullied, they put the figure at 16 percent. Clearly, adults don't recognize the extent of bullying that children face every day. This shows that administration can easily miss important warning signs that point to school violence.

Third, the media has its effect on the school shooting tragedies ; however, there are two sides of it. A lot of TV commentators have questioned whether the fact that media covers these incidents contributes to them. All the shooters are in need of attention and that’s what the media coverage provides them with. On the other hand, due to the multiple TV coverage of school shootings, there is a certain trend among the students, who make sure to report various suspected plots. And some of them turn out to be pretty dangerous. In other words, the TV coverage can to some extent solve the problem of kids being careless to reach out administration or authority figures.

Essay school shootings

essay school shootings


essay school shootingsessay school shootingsessay school shootingsessay school shootings