Essay tattoos piercings

So many thoughtful and insightful comments! Alas, I fear that we may project meaning where in actuality, none is present. Once upon a time there WAS an American underground and counterculture full of mythic potency, and yes tattoos were a part of it. The internet (and attachment parenting) has changed all that, everything is now seen by all in the light of day, and these kids were taught by there parents that they are “special”. Alternatives (to the mainstream lifestyle these kids are resisting) are immediately co-opted by a dominator who knows it must keep its enemies close. At the touch of a button, the moment they are borne, alternative impulses are co-opted. The impulse to be authentic and original will exist as long as there is air to breath, unfortunately, these kids are doing only what they are capable of being programmed to do in this technologically dominated age. They are blindly following charectures of each other as there desperate quest to be special slams them up against the wall of species extinction.

ON2U holds incredibly high standards of cleanliness and sterilization. Tattoo and piercing needles are disposable, only used one time and disposed in a sharps container immediately after use. The Saskatoon Health Region periodically disposes of these containers for us. Each artist cleans their station before and after every tattoo, and film barriers and protective bags are applied to surfaces to avoid cross contamination. Our artists are educated in sterilization procedures.
Any reusable materials (including piercing tools and stainless steel tattoo tubes) are sterilized using our up to date autoclave. If you have any concerns about the standards of our sterilization, we would be more than happy to review our cleaning products with you or share our most recent spore test (for the autoclave machine).

Essay tattoos piercings

essay tattoos piercings


essay tattoos piercingsessay tattoos piercingsessay tattoos piercingsessay tattoos piercings