Executive branch essay questions

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Hamilton similarly anticipates and refutes the counterargument that more opinions in government lead to better decision-making. [2] [5] [11] In rejecting this view, Hamilton writes that a plural executive would actually “conceal faults and destroy responsibility” [2] and be a "clog" to the system. [2] [11] He argues in Federalist No. 70 that a plural executive leads to a lack of accountability because there is no single person to blame for misconduct. [5] [11] Furthermore, decision making becomes difficult because a council may propose an agenda contrary to that of the executive.< Hamilton reminds the public that in times of warfare especially, the executive must not be slowed down by deliberation and disagreements. [5] [7] [11] [37] Finally, he reminds America that a unitary executive structure promotes energy in the executive and that "duration" of the presidential term gives the executive a strong incentive to make policy in conformity with public opinion. [6] [7] [11] The executive will be held accountable to his constituents and act with "due dependence” and “due responsibility.” [2] He claims that the two will foster liberty and “safety in the republican sense.” [2] [5] [7] [8] [11] [65]

But are some matters of real substance (such as last week’s ban on entry by residents of seven Muslim-dominated nations) themselves being used to hide even deeper and more significant shifts in power and governance? Steve “I want to bring everything crashing down” Bannon, who has proclaimed himself an enemy of Washington’s political class, is a member of a small cabal (also including Trump, Stephen Miller, Reince Priebus, and Jared Kushner) that appears to be consolidating nearly complete federal governmental power, drafting executive orders, and formulating political strategy—all without paper trail or oversight of any kind. The more outrage and confusion they create, the more effective is their smokescreen for the dismantling of governmental norms and institutions.

Executive branch essay questions

executive branch essay questions


executive branch essay questionsexecutive branch essay questionsexecutive branch essay questionsexecutive branch essay questions