Goals and accomplishments essay

Speaking of USARA - we had the honor of organizing, hosting, and designing the 2017 USARA Adventure Race National Championship. 62 elite teams, from across the country, joined us in the area of Jim Thorpe, PA for 30 hours of non-stop navigation, biking, paddling, bushwacking, more navigating, more biking, more bushwacking action. 

A HUGE thankyou goes out to our incredible crew of volunteers!  We could not have possibly put on any of these events without you! We especially thank Chris Bartges, Glen Lewis, Bruce Kuo, Eric Schrading, Ron Barron, Mark Lattanzi, Jeff Bell, Derek Lawrence, Sandy Fillebrown, Mark Weiman, and Becca Weiman for your unending dedication in course designing this year. 

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Goals and accomplishments essay

goals and accomplishments essay


goals and accomplishments essaygoals and accomplishments essaygoals and accomplishments essaygoals and accomplishments essay