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"Few people find jobs in . Government without some help. For over fourteen years, a primary source of 'help' has been widely recognized as Dennis V. Damp's classic, 'The Book of . Government Jobs.' In the 7th and latest edition, Mr. Damp pulls together all of the old and new -- offline and online -- sources, tips, and techniques needed to become one of the 2,800,000 federal workers earning an average of $46,000 a year.

Using a clear and concise style peppered with real-life examples and explanatory graphics, Mr. Damp explains what kinds of jobs are available, what the work involves, minimum requirements, how much they pay, and most important, how to get them. You'll learn the federal application process, how to best present your qualifications and experience to meet job requirements, and how to prepare for any required tests. Civil Service Exams? You'll find an entire section devoted to them.

"Why should we hire you?" "What is your weakest point?" Don't you just hate those? Job interviewers call them "stress" questions. They are well named and federal interviewers will ask them. In the chapter "The Interview Process", Dennis Damp tells you the right answers.

The federal job application form Of-612 must be completed correctly and in much greater detail than applications used by private industry. The Book of . Government Jobs includes an example of a fully and correctly completed OF-612 including the 'Continuation' pages used for listing your complete work experience.

Whether you're a first time job searcher or a long-time government employee trying to advance, The Book of . Government Jobs demands a slot in your career library."   

Government resume

government resume


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