Gunpowder plot set up essay

James's admiration did not, however, prevent him from ordering on 6 November that "John Johnson" be tortured, to reveal the names of his co-conspirators. [40] He directed that the torture be light at first, referring to the use of manacles , but more severe if necessary, authorising the use of the rack : "the gentler Tortures are to be first used unto him et sic per gradus ad ima tenditur [and so by degrees proceeding to the worst]". [37] [41] Fawkes was transferred to the Tower of London . The King composed a list of questions to be put to "Johnson", such as " as to what he is , For I can never yet hear of any man that knows him", "When and where he learned to speak French?", and "If he was a Papist, who brought him up in it?" [42] The room in which Fawkes was interrogated subsequently became known as the Guy Fawkes Room. [43]

Catesby and the handful of other plotters rented a cellar that extended under the House of Lords building, and Fawkes planted the gunpowder there. However, as the November 5 opening meeting of Parliament approached, Lord Monteagle (1575-1622), the brother-in-law of one of the conspirators, received an anonymous letter warning him not to attend Parliament on November 5. Monteagle alerted the government, and hours before the attack was to have taken place Fawkes and the explosives were found. By torturing Fawkes, King James’ government learned the identities of his co-conspirators. During the next few weeks, English authorities killed or captured all the plotters and put the survivors on trial

Gunpowder plot set up essay

gunpowder plot set up essay


gunpowder plot set up essaygunpowder plot set up essaygunpowder plot set up essaygunpowder plot set up essay