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I first was diagnosed with eight years ago. I had been taking Flagyl for another problem. I was volunteering at a child care center and changed a diaper on a baby which definitely was not normal, I had unrelenting diarrhea for a week, which started with a fever and aches that persisted only two days. I didn’t feel real sick like others describe.,. When the stool sample came back positive for , I was put on Vancomycin for two weeks and I started taking Florastor probioitics. which I had read about. Nevertheless, after I finished the course of Vanco, I had a relapse – same fever at the start, but otherwise didn’t feel sick except having to run to the bathroom every two hours. I was treating it during the weekend of my daughter’s destination wedding, which gave me so much anxiety., trying not to make a fuss to ruin her day. I also took cholestyramin (sp?) to firm up the stools and I made it through the weekend. I managed to avoid a third relapse this time. ,, but my bowels were never quite the same for the longest time. Nothing awful, but having to go three-four times every morning, and very soft stools. Sometimes some random watery diarrhea, but not often. I took Florastor for a couple months but then quit because, I didn’t know if it was really helping.
Imagine my horror when I got , out of the blue four years later. I hadn’t been taken any antibiotics. I was babysitting for my granddaughter who had some antibiotic-caused diarrhea , so maybe she had some spores in there. I tried as hard as I could go not get germs when changing diapers. It made me so worried that I harbor this nasty stuff in my body at all times and it can pop up with any little exposure. I went on Vanco again, but started on Florastor as soon as I suspected . , before I even started the Vanco. Florastor is the only probiotic you can take at any time without carefully timing between Vanco doses. . I had read somewhere that you should try to be on Florastor before starting the med to build up the good bacteria before the antibiotic Vanco hits it again… Happily I got over it without a relapse this time. Stools still not like before all this started, but nearly normal now. It wasn’t too horrible compared to stories told on this site. I took Florastor another four months to be on the safe side. (It’s exensive) and now I have been taking Culturelle ever since for over four years. So compared to a lot, I guess this is a success story and I feel so bad from the bottom of my heart for you that are suffering so. Since I was lucky enough not to feel pain or nausea, the worst part for me was feeling like I was a pariah – the dreaded fear of giving someone this decease I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And disinfecting the toilet so very long. I felt like the germ monster. It made me very anxious and no one can understand unless they’ve been through it. I don’t think even the doctors truly understand this disease. My doctor actually said I could start baby sitting my granddaughter after being on Vancomycin 24 hours – as though I had strep throat or something.,
. My best advice is take the best probiotics you can afford for the rest of your life, You never know when you will be exposed again or have to take the dreaded antibiotics. I don’t ever want to face again. The fear is ingrained.
A good book – “Clostridium difficile: A Patient’s Guide” by Christopher M. O’Neal, . and Raf Rizk, MD.. It reassures you.

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I"didn t" does my homework binders



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