International essay contest 2012

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From daily bread to fuel, cosmetics to cars, entertainment to essentials, it is hard to see a product without having the label of a foreign brand. In fact international business has transformed our lifestyle, culture and tastes. It has to be noted that the positives of international business is overarching than the negatives. International business has served as a bridge for the developing nations to attain the status of developed nation, for underdeveloped nations, it is a ray of hope and for the developed world it is a means to further extend their business operations and supremacy. The good, international business has done to the human kind can never be estimated and the history has proved that the international business activities were blossomed when peace existed between nations. Thus international business can be viewed as symbol of prevailing peace, prosperity and general well being of mankind.

International essay contest 2012

international essay contest 2012


international essay contest 2012international essay contest 2012international essay contest 2012international essay contest 2012