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So what does Block say? Chapter one in his book, entitled “Sexual”, challenges the power of government and law to prosecute prostitutes. As a third party and uninvolved in the ‘transaction’, he says, the legal system has little place in governing consensual acts between two adults. This argument is not new, and is readily accepted by countries such as The Netherlands and Australia where prostitution is legal. In these cases, the lawmakers have analysed the socio-economic structures of their respective countries and made a choice that they believe will best benefit the population at large. This however is not Block’s main argument. He states that if trading ‘cash for sex’ is a legal transgression, so should be the act of sex in dating; in a relationship; and in marriage, because when cash is replaced with dinner, or flowers, or even attention, a transaction has taken place. He then uses reductio ad absurdum to declare that if married couples aren’t in violation of the law, prostitutes should be similarly exempt.

Lnat essay examples

lnat essay examples


lnat essay exampleslnat essay exampleslnat essay exampleslnat essay examples