London william blake analysis essay

We look for opportunities to continue the work that Blake began: exploring new modes of expression, and awakening the artist and prophet in each individual. Our past projects and events have included curating and hosting audio and video recordings of several Blake texts ; discovering the actual location of Blake’s grave in Bunhill Fields ; and recreating Blake’s river journey of 1780 (with a bit of help from the Royal Navy!) Each year, our Tithe Grant competition gives away one tenth of our annual income to an artist whose work transforms Blake’s ideas for our age.

Blake died in poverty in 1827 and is buried alongside Daniel Defoe and John Bunyan in London's Bunhill Fields. His imagery has influenced poets from Coleridge through to Ginsberg, and inspired novelists such as Philip Pullman, Tracy Chevalier and Silence of the Lambs author Thomas Harris, while quotes from his writing have inspired film titles such as Chariots of Fire. His poem Jerusalem, written as the preface for Milton's A Poem, was set to music during the First World War and has been adopted as an alternative national anthem. Blake's The Tyger is probably the most anthologized poem in English literature.

London william blake analysis essay

london william blake analysis essay


london william blake analysis essaylondon william blake analysis essaylondon william blake analysis essaylondon william blake analysis essay