Muslim research paper topics

The company says they do not use any animal product please answer my question thank you this is the letter from company web site January 1, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: Genpak . has not sought or received kosher certification for any of our products, including PET or PS products. However, we do hereby certify that no animal derived raw materials or additives are used in the production of the above stated products. Genpak appreciates your decision to use our products and your continued support. Best Regards, Jeff Cole Marketing Manager - javed

"American Muslims- both men and women- are a highly educated class of people, probably the most educated among the Muslims of the world."3 While I agree with the second half of this statement from Ausaf Ali, the first half is somewhat more problematic. Although Muslims in America are required to attend school from the primary level through high school, as are all Americans, and most single immigrants of the late teens- early twenties ages come to the . primarily to attain higher education at American colleges, universities and technical institutes,4 many of the more traditional Muslim communities still do not encourage or allow women to endeavor toward higher education, or even extensive education regarding the Quran. Options for these women are very limited, and many of them never get the opportunity to explore careers opportunities, community involvement (outside of the mosque activities or the Islamic centers), political choices and affiliations, or even alternative mosque preference. Careers can be eliminated as an option (as talked about above), women may find that they are not "allowed" to socialize with other women outside their own religion (or may personally choose not to), and more importantly, women may be denied the access to basic information about their civil rights as American citizens. At bear minimum, these women from whom this basic education of the laws in the . is withheld, are denied the ability to lend their voices to the choosing of the leaders of the country in which they live, as well as the laws by which they must abide. This fundamental education is necessary for them to be able to fully function as . citizens, and although some Muslim women voluntarily forego their political rights in the name of traditional Islam, those women who feel oppressed or stagnated in their current situations, may not have the necessary education to facilitate their personal, spiritual or political growth, or even protect themselves against unnecessary or illegal oppression and/or abuse. The opportunities open to educated women in the . are far greater in scope than many women can imagine, or may even wish to if they are content in their religious communities, but they are opportunities for all Americans nonetheless,

Muslim research paper topics

muslim research paper topics


muslim research paper topicsmuslim research paper topicsmuslim research paper topicsmuslim research paper topics