My family-essay

This is another justification why family is important inside our life. This 20th century isn’t like 19th or 18th century universe. Before persons doesn’t value rich or poor plus they never worry about educated or uneducated. But this 20th hundred years differs. People communicate the other person with their standard. Jealousy may be the cheapest thing that you can see nowadays everywhere. In case you are richer, or even more educated, or beautiful, or handsome, or get promotions, or buy an expensive car, or buy a homely house, persons get envious you. In short if you are happy some persons get jealous on you then. But family is different and they inspire when every steps are passed by you. They celebrates with you in your every happy occasions moreover. Parents always excited your every progress steps especially. This is the reason family is important in your every steps.

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He always respects his parents means my grandparents and cares for them all time. I still remember that when I was little, my grandparents were generally talked to me about my father naughtiness in his childhood but they told me that your father is very good person in his life, be like him. It is my father who wants to see everyone happy in the family and always asks whenever anyone becomes sad and solves his/her problems. He loves and cares my mom and suggests her to take rest when she gets tired of doing all the household chores. My dad is my inspiration, he always becomes ready to help me in my school tasks and even go to every PTM to discuss my behaviour and performance in the class.

My family-essay

my family-essay


my family-essaymy family-essaymy family-essaymy family-essay