Peer tutoring research paper

The College of Graduate and Continuing Education will work with part-time students available for day-time classes to pursue a bachelor's degree in any of the available Majors & Concentrations . Online Degree Completion If you've graduated from a Massachusetts community college and/or completed the Mass transfer compact, this program will let you complete your bachelor's degree entirely online. Contact the College of Graduate and Continuing Education for details.

Peer tutoring is an effective educational strategy for classrooms of diverse learners because it promotes academic gains as well as social enhancement. Programs can be successfully implemented at the classroom-level or on a wider scale at the school — or district-level. With administrative support and professional development, peer tutoring can help teachers cope with challenges such as limited instructional time, multiple curricular requirements, and appropriate social engagement among students. Students engage in active learning while staying abreast of the progress they are making. They are held accountable for their achievement, and motivated by social or tangible rewards. A goal of peer tutoring is to create self-managed learners with high self-esteem.

Peer tutoring research paper

peer tutoring research paper


peer tutoring research paperpeer tutoring research paperpeer tutoring research paperpeer tutoring research paper