Privatization thesis

In 1985 General Ghulam Jilani Khan nominated Sharif as Chief Minister of the Punjab, against the wishes of the new prime minister, Muhammad Khan Junejo , who wanted a rural candidate, Malik Allahyar. [41] Sharif secured a landslide victory during the non-political parties 1985 elections and became Chief Minister of Punjab with the support of the army. [24] He served for two consecutive terms as Chief Minister of Punjab Province, the most populous province of Pakistan. [43] Because of his vast popularity, he received the nickname "Lion of the Punjab". [44] As chief minister, he stressed welfare and development activities and the maintenance of law and order. [36]

Some ecological economists prioritise adding natural capital to the typical capital asset analysis of land, labor, and financial capital. These ecological economists then use tools from mathematical economics as in mainstream economics, but may apply them more closely to the natural world. Whereas mainstream economists tend to be technological optimists, ecological economists are inclined to be technological sceptics. They reason that the natural world has a limited carrying capacity and that its resources may run out. Since destruction of important environmental resources could be practically irreversible and catastrophic, ecological economists are inclined to justify cautionary measures based on the precautionary principle . [34]

Privatization thesis

privatization thesis


privatization thesisprivatization thesisprivatization thesisprivatization thesis