Radiology residency essays

One of the most intriguing aspects of the program is that while the residency is administered by Hartford Hospital, it is staffed by Radiologists from Jefferson Radiology. Jefferson Radiology is the largest private practice group in New England (28th largest group in the nation) providing a full complement of subspecialty trained radiologists. While the majority of your time will be spent at Hartford Hospital, you also will rotate through the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (on our campus), and in the Jefferson Radiology offices. Additionally, thanks to the interconnectedness of our PACS systems, in conference you can be exposed to interesting cases performed at a wide variety of the outlying hospitals or outpatient offices that Jefferson Radiology covers. Overall, you have the potential to see the interesting cases from 7 hospitals and 9 outpatient offices. (Don’t worry, you only read cases for Hartford Hospital when on call). This mix of inpatient and outpatient cases, along with an exceptional blend of pathology will allow you the flexibility to enter either academics or a high-end private practice career after graduation.

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Radiology residency essays

radiology residency essays


radiology residency essaysradiology residency essaysradiology residency essaysradiology residency essays