Raisin sun essay walter dream

He knew art the way few people do. An online reminiscence by Erik Wenzel accurately conveys the flavor of his table talk: “Always look at paintings on copper. . . Paintings on copper maintain the richness of pigment that canvas sucks up. You can always tell with green. Green is a fugitive and unstable pigment, if you have a good green, then you can rest assured that what you see is pretty close to what it looked like the day it was painted.” He spoke this way even in passing. And note that his formal schooling ended after eighth grade.

The family is entirely dependent on the money: they already have made plans to move, and are in the midst of packing up their things. Devastated, Walter seriously considers taking an offer from Mr. Lindner, a representative from the white neighborhood, that would pay the Youngers extra not to move into their neighborhood. The option is immoral in the family's eyes, and prioritizes money over human dignity. Walter is determined to make the deal despite his scruples, but at the last moment Walter is unable to make the transaction under the innocent gaze of his son, Travis. In the end, the family decides to move. Even though the road ahead will be difficult, they know that they have made an honorable choice.

Raisin sun essay walter dream

raisin sun essay walter dream


raisin sun essay walter dreamraisin sun essay walter dreamraisin sun essay walter dreamraisin sun essay walter dream