Research paper on cystic fibrosis

There are now many studies that the medicine ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, Nuprin) prevents serious damage to lungs in children who have CF. The trials involved 85 patients between the ages of 5 and 39 with FEV1 equal or greater than 60%9. In this study patients that took ibuprofen had a slower rate of decline of FEV1. Patients that took it for 4 years consistently had even better results and showed best in patients under the age of 13. The dose of ibuprofen was selected between 50 and 100up/mL because the anti-neutrophil effects of ibuprofen are only attained at these levels. There are some side effects, including conjunctivitis (unknown reason) and epistaxi (due to the anti-platelet action in the ibuprofen. Doctors say that it is not sure if stomach pains are due to the ibuprofen, but to stay on the medicine and to take antacids with magnesium and aluminum and

The CFTR gene, found at the locus of chromosome 7 , is 230,000 base pairs long, and creates a protein that is 1,480 amino acids long. More specifically, the location is between base pair 117,120,016 and 117,308,718 on the long arm of chromosome 7, region 3, band 1, subband 2, represented as . Structurally, CFTR is a type of gene known as an ABC gene . The product of this gene (the CFTR protein) is a chloride ion channel important in creating sweat, digestive juices, and mucus. This protein possesses two ATP-hydrolyzing domains , which allows the protein to use energy in the form of ATP . It also contains two domains comprising six alpha helices apiece, which allow the protein to cross the cell membrane. A regulatory binding site on the protein allows activation by phosphorylation , mainly by cAMP-dependent protein kinase . [21] The carboxyl terminal of the protein is anchored to the cytoskeleton by a PDZ domain interaction. [43]

Research paper on cystic fibrosis

research paper on cystic fibrosis


research paper on cystic fibrosisresearch paper on cystic fibrosisresearch paper on cystic fibrosisresearch paper on cystic fibrosis