Research paper on dorothy dandridge

Hi Dorothy;
G-grandfather John Lee was in Round Harbour at the time the 1921 census was done. He was born in Round Harbour in 1884 as far as I can see. Elizabeth, not sure of maiden name, was born in Bay De East in 1890. They had three children on this census, Chesley , Charlie and Dorothy. there was also a brother-in-law Robert Wilmott staying with them at this time. The heading that has the checkmark is “State whether person is a Micmac Indian”. The census page is #290 and g-grandfather John Lee is on line 25. I contacted the Qalipu band in Corner Brook and they were the ones that told me to call Indian Affairs. I don’t know which direction to take, maybe you or one of your readers are able to point me in the right direction.

Hi Patricia, how nice to hear from you. Indeed it is fortuitous that you found this site since I have you entered as dead! I will fix that immediately. Unfortunately it’s very easy to make mistakes in genealogy. I started the Burwell tree in Family Tree Maker to learn the programme. I didn’t realize at the beginning how important it is to put in sources! I found out when I’d find new info that conflicted with the old and didn’t know which was likely to be more accurate. If you get any sympathy cards, you’ll know why ;) I’d be delighted to hear from you further and would love to have whatever updates, corrections and additions that you can give me.

Research paper on dorothy dandridge

research paper on dorothy dandridge


research paper on dorothy dandridgeresearch paper on dorothy dandridgeresearch paper on dorothy dandridgeresearch paper on dorothy dandridge