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Following the publication of two more immensely successful novels that would became classics,  The Sea-Wolf  and  White Fang , London began designing his own 45-foot sailboat, the  Snark , and in 1907 he set sail to Hawaii and the South Seas with his wife and a small crew. A host of tropical ailments would land him in an Australian hospital, and he was forced to end the voyage the following December. Though he projected enormous personal energy and charisma, London had frequent health issues over the years, and his hard drinking, chain smoking and a bad diet only worsened matters.

Already a vocal proponent of women’s rights and mental health and prison reform, Rush emerged as a great champion of temperance, says Lender. His ideas may have been shocking in his time, but his essay became a bestseller and gradually much of the medical community would see, like he did, that chronic drunkenness itself was a disease. In the 1820s, when the temperance movement was picking up steam, early advocates adopted Rush’s thinking, cautioning against distilled liquors while condoning the drinking of beer, cider and wine in moderation. This distinction between hard liquors and other alcoholic beverages later fell away with the decades-long push for teetotalism, or a complete abstinence from alcohol. Prohibition took effect in 1920, and the 21st amendment repealed the ban on the production, sale, importation and transportation of alcohol 13 years later.

Rush essay discount code

rush essay discount code


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