Sift algorithm thesis

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In a study published on July 17 in the journal Scientific Reports , researchers at Princeton University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory used satellite data from 2003-2015 to resolve some of the lingering uncertainty on prior dust activity models. Their research projects that “climate change will increase dust activity in the southern Great Plains from spring to fall in the late half of the twenty-first century – largely due to reduced precipitation, enhanced land surface bareness, and increased surface wind speed.”

The online retail giant is a killer when it comes to aging industries like selling books. But it still faces stiff competition from its contemporaries. As recently as December, analysts were signaling that Netflix should be terrified of Amazon Prime. That could still be the case, but Netflix posted huge numbers today. After blowing away new subscriber estimates, the streaming service saw its shares rise by 10 percent in after hours trading. Bezos may have the supply chains and the willingness to reinvest profits, but he doesn’t have Orange is the New Black .

Sift algorithm thesis

sift algorithm thesis


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