Society role morality essays

Confucian role ethics centers around filial piety or xiao , a respect for family members. [3] The concept is elaborated in the Confucian text Classic of Filial Piety : "In serving his parents, a filial son reveres them in daily life; he makes them happy while he nourishes them; he takes anxious care of them in sickness; he shows great sorrow over their death; and he sacrifices to them with solemnity." [4] Filial duty requires the desire to be filial, and not just the act of filial piety. [2] In Confucian societies, filial piety determines the "moral worth" of an individual in a community and acts as a form of social capital . [4]

Part on the problem regarding the God hypothesis lies in epistemology. What evidence would warrant the existence of God? Conversely what evidence would disprove the existence of God? The question itself is not even a scientific one, for Karl Popper, as it is not falsifiable. What is apparent is humanity's obsession with the metaphysical. By pushing the limits of known and unknown forms existence, humans in the 21st century have continued with their beliefs concerning multiple realities and other worlds. With religious dogma and scripture losing favour with the masses we have seen a spike in spiritualism and new age philosophy. This is the adherence to souls and the afterlife not necessarily connected to the concept God. Perhaps this poses the greatest problem and question for those divided on the God hypothesis: Is the continuous metaphysical adherence proof of God's spiritual existence or does it illustrate, in profound terms, the obsession with God and the afterlife as being a naturally occurring phenomenon in the human psyche?

Society role morality essays

society role morality essays


society role morality essayssociety role morality essayssociety role morality essayssociety role morality essays