Stanford mba application essay questions

Vivek: I had applied to Harvard and Wharton in the first round. I had listed down 15 top schools after referring down to rankings such as US News and Financial Times. I then listed down the strengths of the schools like Wharton was finance, Harvard is about General Management. I visited the schools’ websites and went through School Guidebook by one of the GMAT preparation companies. I then spoke to the alums and students from these schools. I finally arrived at a list of top 6 schools and made my choice: H , S and W in the first round and Kellogg , Booth and Columbia in the second round.

ARINGO has developed this information through ARINGO employees who worked with the Stanford MBA admissions committee, thousands of hours of research, and by helping hundreds of applicants apply to Stanford.  ARINGO knows Stanford, and we can help your strengths shine through your application. Contact us today. Stanford MBA – Areas of Academic Strength Entrepreneurship, (General Management, e -Business, Nonprofit) The Stanford MBA Culture - Common perceptions

  • Relatively high percentage of female and international students.
  • Most selective business school.
  • More laid-back atmosphere and less competitive than HBS – have grade-non-disclosure policy.
  • Undergoing curricular changes which include increasing global emphasis in curriculum, increasing student-faculty interaction, personalized advising, and increasing students’ ability to design their course of study by offering broader range of courses.
Advantages of the Stanford MBA
  • Close links with the venture capital, finance and technology firms of nearby Silicon Valley.
  • Very powerful and highly-involved alumni network for its size (about 15,000).
  • Great brand name.
What else is special about the Stanford MBA?
  • Emphasis on impact of business and management education on society – are very interested in applicant’s potential to have a positive impact on society, as well as on school.
  • Are open to people from non-business backgrounds interested in pursuing non-business paths (as long as have strong quant skills, demonstrated leadership, professional abilities etc).
  • Open to people with limited work experience (as long as have…).
  • Will accept GRE in lieu of GMAT.
ARINGO's Clients and the Stanford MBA Students who submitted their applications through ARINGO have had a 166% higher admission rate than Stanford MBA’s average admissions. Contact us to start working on your Stanford MBA application. Scholarships that ARINGO clients received upon admission to the Stanford MBA program
  • $67,000
  • $60,000
  • $30,000
  • $30,000
  • $20,000
  • $20,000
  • $20,000
  • $20,000
More about Stanford's MBA program The program offers other specializations as well: global management and public management. It also excels in entrepreneurship, non-profit management, and information technology management. Stanford places particular emphasis on the societal impact of a business school education.

Abstract and metaphorical:  Abstract and metaphorical answers can produce very creative responses. An example (Note all examples I will use here are not from my clients) would be “What matters most to me are the doors in my life.”  Using the whole concept of entering and exiting, this essay concept might work very well, but could easily generate a series of disconnected stories that don’t leave the reader with a really clear answer.  I have had clients use such answers effectively, but more often than not, the more abstract the answer, the harder it is to make into something really convincing.  Remember that writing MBA essays is not primarily a literary exercise, so be careful with this approach.

Stanford mba application essay questions

stanford mba application essay questions


stanford mba application essay questionsstanford mba application essay questionsstanford mba application essay questionsstanford mba application essay questions