The battle of gettsburg research paper

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Heth's division advanced with two brigades forward, commanded by Brig. Gens. James J. Archer and Joseph R. Davis . They proceeded easterly in columns along the Chambersburg Pike. Three miles (5 km) west of town, about 7:30 . on July 1, the two brigades met light resistance from vedettes of Union cavalry, and deployed into line. According to lore, the Union soldier to fire the first shot of the battle was Lt. Marcellus Jones . [34] In 1886 Lt. Jones returned to Gettysburg to mark the spot where he fired the first shot with a monument. [35] Eventually, Heth's men reached dismounted troopers of Col. William Gamble's cavalry brigade, who raised determined resistance and delaying tactics from behind fence posts with fire from their breechloading carbines . [36] Still, by 10:20 ., the Confederates had pushed the Union cavalrymen east to McPherson Ridge, when the vanguard of the I Corps (Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds ) finally arrived. [37]

Why do they come here? Because of the drama and courage of all the men who fought here and our curiosity to answer questions like:

  • What would cause these Americans to kill their fellow countrymen?
  • Why were the casualties so high?
  • What was life like for Johnny Reb and Billy Yank?
  • What was July 1863 like for the 2,400 townspeople of Gettysburg?
  • How do we, today, benefit from the heroism and valor of these soldiers?
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The battle of gettsburg research paper

the battle of gettsburg research paper


the battle of gettsburg research paperthe battle of gettsburg research paperthe battle of gettsburg research paperthe battle of gettsburg research paper