Unt thesis and dissertation fellowship

In October Emplicure participated in the Swedish American Life Tech Forum in Boston. The event provided expert insights and guidance on topics such as tools how to navigate and successfully enter the US market and expert guidance on the US legal environment. Emplicure got the opportunity to present the company for an investor panel consisting of experienced investors from US and Sweden. In the audience was, among persons from the Boston life science community, also the Swedish Ambassador in US, Björn Lyrvall. Susanne Bredenberg and Ambassador Björn Lyrvall

Criteria for the Thesis:
The Honors thesis in English is either a collection of creative writing or a research-driven essay that emphasizes original contributions to the field of literature. A purely scholarly thesis, such as a work of literary criticism, must demonstrate a command of secondary scholarship. A thesis of creative work must likewise be informed by scholarship, which may be of an interdisciplinary nature including fields such as literary criticism and other disciplines within the humanities. This research should be evident in the preface and in the creative work itself.

Elisa Maria Lopez is a doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology and environmental anthropologist. Her dissertation explores the sociocultural impacts of iron mining and urban displacement in Kiruna, Sweden. She uses a Tumblr blog to share her anthropological interests to the public. The blog is dedicated to the documentation and dissemination of information about the social, cultural, political, and ecological role of mines and minerals around the world. To learn more, visit Elisa's blog on:  http://

Unt thesis and dissertation fellowship

unt thesis and dissertation fellowship


unt thesis and dissertation fellowshipunt thesis and dissertation fellowshipunt thesis and dissertation fellowshipunt thesis and dissertation fellowship