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Heather Ann Thompson is an award-winning historian at the University of Michigan. She has written on the history of mass incarceration and its current impact for The New York Times , TIME , The Atlantic , Salon , Dissent , New Labor Forum , and The Huffington Post , as well as for various scholarly publications. She served on a National Academy of Sciences blue-ribbon panel that studied the causes and consequences of mass incarceration in the United States and has given congressional staff briefings on this subject. Thompson is also the author of Whose Detroit?: Politics, Labor, and Race in a Modern American City and the editor of Speaking Out: Activism and Protest in the 1960s and 1970s .

Also this isnt what the badge community promotes as openbadges raison d’être. I’ve followed this community for years now and it feels like for some it is a platform of self promotion. Its all about paradign shifts and future predictions, and nothing about what an impact badges have made. Its like a “free beer tomorrow” sign. When is the last time you read a discussion about the openbadges benefit to the learning process. Also keep a track of the number of badges they say are being issued, the growth isnt exactly stellar. Yet little or no blogs about “why badges arent growing”

Web courseworks madison wisconsin

web courseworks madison wisconsin


web courseworks madison wisconsinweb courseworks madison wisconsinweb courseworks madison wisconsinweb courseworks madison wisconsin